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Ray Dog has been playing piano and keyboards . . . forever.  He is extremely proficient at many styles of music.  Ray Dog is also quite apt on the electric guitar.  He is an avid and accomplished songwriter as well, and his songs contribute to the Deckheads' expansive song list.  His innovative keyboard and guitar riffs are key signature motifs to much of the Deckheads' repertoire.  Dog is a strong vocalist and lends his voice to lead and background vocals on the majority of the band's songs.  Dog has been a cornerstone player to the Deckheads band for over 10 years.  Dog is also a quintessential entertainer as he bends and weaves and trots across the stage to keep the audience intrigued. He has a vast background of experience with numerous bands over the past 40+ years including his own creation The Mad Beaters with local notoriety since 2013.

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